From Dragons to Princesses to Farms... You Will Find It All at PLAYMOBIL!


PLAYMOBIL® is known for their iconic figurines and imaginative play. They have everything from Ghostbusters™ to NHL® to Christmas themed play sets for children of all ages! So in time for the holidays, we got a chance to try out 2 of their toys from the 1.2.3 Collection, which is meant for younger children. We tried out the 1.2.3 My Take Along Noah's Ark and the Ladder Unit Fire Truck


We loved the Take Along Noah's Ark! For starters, the deck opens up so that all the animals and accessories can be stored inside, which means no lost figurines and no clutter! #momwin. Zane loves the animals and the bright colours, and soon enough he'll be using his imagination to create new adventures for all the animals :). This toy is recommended for 1.5 years+ because some of the pieces are a little small, so I stored the smaller pieces in the arc, and let him play with the ones that were appropriate! The Take Along Noah's Ark even has a handle on it so when your minis need to go with you to grandma's house or over to someone's for dinner, it's a super easy toy to pack up and bring along. 


The Ladder Unit Fire Truck is also great! It has a ladder that swivels around and it even comes with a little fire man figurine so your children will be able to save the day and put out any imaginary fires that they may find! I may get the Fire Rescue Helicopter next for Zane that so that his Fireman has a friend :). The firetruck has room in the basket or the driver's seat for any of the 1.2.3 figurines, so if you have another one of their sets, you can turn any character into a fire fighting hero! I really recommend checking out the PLAYMOBIL website - they have Take Along Farms, Ships and a ton of other figurines and sets that your littles will love! Click here to visit their website to find the perfect gift in time for the holidays!