Sensory Heaven with The Dough Parlor


We all grew up playing with play dough! I remember having hours of fun making shapes, building cities and even building little friends... the possibilities were endless! What if I told you that there's now a company that makes fresh-to-order play dough with the most INCREDIBLE scents... and that every ingredient used is food-grade! Let me introduce you to The Dough Parlor! Based out of Canada but shipped worldwide, this non-toxic play dough comes in the CUTEST containers and is available in unique and delicious scents such as: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Mint Chocolate! It is completely washable with soap and water so no more trying to figure out how to get it out of your children's clothes or hair :). And if your littles forget to put it away and it dries up (ok WHEN they forget to put it away) you can just add a bit of water and it becomes rehydrated! How cool is that? You can now sit back and relax while your children play because even if some ends up in their mouth (you know it will... they put everything in their mouth lol) they're playing with a non-toxic play dough made from natural ingredients! The Dough Parlor also uses sea salt in their formulations as an anti-bacterial property so the super salty taste will deter your littles from wanting to eat it, despite it smelling delicious. 

Head over to their website to see the array of scents and tell me which is your fave! They just released a Gingerbread one in time for the holidays :) These make PERFECT stocking stuffers! You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook if you want to know when they come out with new products.