So'Pure Teething Colo'rings to the Rescue for Teething Pains!

We've hit the inevitable age where baby Zane is teething. All mamas know what this means... sleepless nights, endless drooling, lots of crying and an overall cranky baby. Zane is one of the lucky ones who is getting in 4 or 5 teeth at the same time (yay 5 times the fun!) and he has an obsession with chewing my cheeks, my hands, my hair... even the dog (poor Rambo). So off I went to find a teething miracle! Surprise surprise to experienced mamas, there is no such thing. HOWEVER I did find something that Baby Zane loves and it is definitely soothing him during the day: So'Pure Teething Colo'rings

Not only is it adorable, but it comes in the cutest packaging (which I am a sucker for) and it is made of Natural Rubber! It is light weight and Zane's little 4 month old hands fit perfectly around the handle. Because of its shape, I'm also able to attach plastic rings to it and secure it to his stroller so that it isn't always falling on the floor when he decides to throw it (this happens a lot... he thinks it funny to watch me dive for his teether before it lands on the public washroom floor).

Overall I definitely recommend the So'Pure Teething Colo'rings and, although it's not the miracle that I initially went searching for, it has made my days a lot more enjoyable and has made Zane much much happier!