Support a Company That Gives Back to Children This Holiday Season!

There's no better time than the holiday season (and all year round to be honest) to give back to those in need... so while you're picking out gifts for your littles, why not support a company that gives a portion of their proceeds back to help others? My B Toys gives a portion of every sale to how awesome is that? Zany Zoo is already one of Zane's fave toys EVER (click here to read my full review) so we decided to try out 2 more of their toys: Snug Bugs and the Under The Sea Jamboree, and they did not disappoint!


The Snug Bugs come 9 in a package and are chewable, squeezable and fun toys for children from 10 months-3 years!  They can be easily popped together into a long string or taken apart to share with friends! Who am I kidding... Zane doesn't share lol... and especially not toys he loves.. but if you have a child who does share, then they'll love sharing these fun Snug Bugs! :) These little bugs, with their bright colors and funny faces have become a fave during the day and during bath time!


The second toy we tried was the Under The Sea Jamboree, which is an octopus that plays musical sounds when you squeeze it's tentacles! You can play 1 instrument at a time, or squeeze 2 at the same time to really get a melody going. It's soft and super cuddly and easily keeps Zane's attention with it's bright colors and fun sounds. I love that this toy doesn't play your typical children's melodies and that you can instead choose instruments to play! They have the sounds from instruments like the saxophone, piano, drums and guitar!


Click here to see the entire My B Toys collection and support a company that gives back!

My #1 Recommended Toy for Babies


I get to try out a lot of baby and children's toys on my blog and although I only write about the ones that pass the Zane test, every once and a while I come across something that blows the rest away, and the Zany Zoo is that product (and no it's not because it's named after Zane lol). We first came across this toy at a friend's house during a play date. I sat back and watched Zane sit up for the first time unassisted and play with this wooden toy for over 45 mins. What amazed me the most was that it wasn't a toy that had flashy lights, it didn't sing any repetitive songs... it was just his imagination doing all the work. I immediately knew that I needed one and since having one of our own, Zane plays with it every day. This toy is my #1 recommendation for a baby toy, hands down. 


Every side has something different and exciting about it: one side has doors that open and close, another has animals and letters, another has cylinders that turn and align to make an animal, the top has moving shapes and wooden beads that slide along metal tracks. Zane spends his time crawling in circles around this toy playing as if he's seeing it for the first time. It's covered in bright and unique colors - with animals, letters, and different shapes and patterns everywhere you look. This toy is sturdy and made of wood, so I know I'll be able to pass it down to his siblings one day or other babies in my family. It has become his toy of choice and I loved it so much that I went and bought a second one so he would have one at my mom's house too!


Every now and then you come across something and really love it... this is that something for us. Because of the Zany Zoo, we not only discovered an amazing toy brand, My B Toys, but we found an incredible learning tool that Zane will enjoy for a long time.

Click here to learn more about Zany Zoo and to see the other toys in the My B Toys collection. They are available at Target and the Bay.