My 3 Tips for Finding the Right Baby Bottle

The search for the right bottle for a new baby can be a long one. Every baby is so different and even as they grow, their preferences can change overnight. There are so many bottles on the market all promising to do different things, so I'm going to share with you what I looked for and why I'm recommending the Baby Brezza Bottle (they are sold at Buy Buy Baby and at Walmart)


1. Find a bottle that is EASY to clean with as few parts as possible - Many of the bottles out there, specifically the one's designed for anti-colic, have 3, 4 even 5 different parts. No one wants to be taking apart a 5 piece bottle to clean multiple times a day. The Baby Brezza Bottle, for example, is an anti-colic bottle with only 2 parts and a TruFlo Vent System to minimize colic and discomfort from gas so there is no need to give up function for simplicity. You can have it all in a bottle with Baby Brezza!

2. Find a bottle that mimics the shape of the breast and nipple for an easy transition in feeding - Whether you are breast feeding, formula feeding or both, any bottle that closely resembles the natural breast will make your feeding journey easier. It means your mini will inhale less air while drinking and will have an easier time switching back and forth from bottle to breast. The Baby Brezza Bottle has an ultra wide mouth and a breast-like nipple which will help avoid nipple confusion!

3. Make sure the bottle you ultimately choose is easy to hold, both for you and your mini - the shape and weight of a bottle is so important. You will be using bottles for the first year, if not longer of your baby's life, and the ultimate goal will be to teach your baby to feed themselves. A bottle that is too heavy, too thin, too wide or an awkward shape will not only be a nuisance for you, but will make it difficult for your baby to learn to be self-dependent! The Baby Brezza Bottle has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and it is super light weight making it great for every stage of feeding!


We loved that the Baby Brezza Bottle was easy clean with only 2 parts, was light weight and easy to hold, and that the shape mimicked the natural breast so Zane hasn't had to deal with extra gas from air intake. The cute sayings on the bottom were just a bonus!! 

These bottles are sold at Buy Buy Baby and at Walmart!

Baby Brezza - Yay or Nay

Any gadget that promises to save me time and frustration when it comes to baby is worth a try in my books, so when I heard about the Baby Brezza, I knew I needed to buy it! The best description I can give it, is an on demand coffee maker but for formula. 

It's as simple as filling it with sterilized water (it holds 1.5L or 50oz), setting up the machine to dispense your type of formula based on the recommendations on the Baby Brezza Website (you only do this once), adding formula, selecting the amount to be dispensed, and pressing the green start button. In under 10 seconds you have a perfectly mixed and dispensed bottle ready for feeding. It's a lifesaver for midnight feeds, for a crying panicked baby who seems to have gone from happy to hungry in under a second, and for anyone coming over to babysit your little one. It gives you the option to use the room temperature water that is in the reservoir, or it heats it to the perfect temperature for baby. There are a few downsides to the machine that I did find, but overall the ease of use makes it well worth it! 


  • Large reservoir that holds 1.5 L or 5 0oz of water
  • Heats water (if you want) in under 5 mins
  • Dispenses a perfectly mixed bottle in under 10 seconds
  • Easy assembly


  • Funnel and underside needs to be cleaned every 4 bottles or once a day (which ever comes first) - which can be a bit annoying in the middle of the night
  • There is a minimum and maximum line in the food container so I find that you often have enough formula for a few more bottles but you still need to add more formula to keep the machine working
  • Once a month they recommend taking apart the machine completely and cleaning every part. It's not the cleaning that's annoying, but more so the drying. Each piece needs to be completely dry to avoid the formula clumping in it and to avoid bacteria growing, however many of the pieces ave little grooves and holes so it's a bit frustrating to dry by hand

Overall, I find that Baby Brezza has been a lifesaver for me. Zane is very much a panicked baby when he's hungry and it makes me so happy to be able to make a bottle in under 10 seconds (I don't heat the water for him - I use room temp water). 

I posted a video on YouTube of the easy assembly and I even made a bottle so you can see how simple it is! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

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