Function of mrsnewmommtl - Personalized Hair Care with over 12 Billion Formulations!

Everyone's hair is unique in it's own way... so why should we all have the same shampoo and conditioner? WE SHOULDN'T! Function of Beauty allows you to create customized shampoo and conditioner based on your preferences and have it delivered right to your door (in a gorgeous package I might add). Visit their website by clicking here and you will also save $5 off your first order! As if the concept wasn't amazing enough... it is also cruelty-free (yay for no animal testing!) and free of parabens, sulfates, and GMOs!


The process is so fun and simple. You visit their website, fill out a hair profile questionnaire (your hair type, concerns, things you would like to improve about your hair etc.), you choose the color of your shampoo and conditioner (they can be the same color, different colors, and even dye free), and then choose your scent! Did I mention you even get to personalize your label? Ya.... how cool is that? Mine say Function of Mrs New Mom MTL

You get this gorgeous box in the mail with your personalized products and an information pamphlet inside summarizing everything you chose! This is actually one of the coolest products I've had the chance to review.

My Hair Profile is: WAVY, FINE, DRY
And I chose the fragrance: All (you)calyptus (which smells heavenly by the way)

Whether it's for yourself or for a gift... you will not be disappointed! 

Click here to start the Hair Quiz and get $5 off your first order!