A Review of 2 of VTech's Newest Baby Monitors!

I got my hands on 2 of VTech's newest baby monitors and I put them to the test! I tried out VTech's Wi-Fi Pan and Tilt HD Video Monitor and the Safe&Sound® Full Color Video Monitor. I'm excited to share with you the features that I loved the most about each. Hopefully if you were considering purchasing one of them, I can help you make up your mind based on what you're looking for!


Wi-Fi Pan and Tilt HD Video Monitor:

My top 6 fave features:

  • You can see 2 camera views at the same time, so if you have 2 children, you don't need to swipe back and forth to see both - the monitor just splits in half! If you want to utilize the features, such as zooming in, talking to your baby, changing the position of the camera, you simply click on the camera you want to access, and you can control it independently!
  • You can access the camera securely from your smartphone or tablet so if you aren't home and want to check up on your little ones (I may or may not have done this while on vacation when my in-laws were watching my son because I missed him so much!), it's as easy as downloading the app and setting it up before you leave your house!
  • The high-definition video is definitely a great feature for new moms. I can't tell you how many times I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic because Zane didn't wake up like he normally does and actually slept in. This monitor is so clear, I was able to zoom in and see his chest going up and down!
  • It has a large 5-inch touch screen on the parent unit
  • The two-way talk feature is great for soothing Zane. I can push a button and talk to him through the parent unit!
  • It supports up to 10 cameras! So you can buy additional ones to put in other rooms of the house for your other children and you can still use the same parent monitor.

Click here to see more features on VTech's website.

Safe&Sound® Full Color Video Monitor:


My top 6 fave features:

  • This camera is super unique because it's shaped like a bear so it blends easily into your nursery decor! 
  • It has a two-way talk back feature so you can talk through the parent unit to your little munchkin without actually going into the room.
  • It has soothing lullabies and sounds that can be controlled from the parent unit to help your little one fall asleep. This is a great feature when you see that they are a little restless in their crib - you can turn it on from the parent unit without going in their room and disturbing them.
  • There's a vibrating sound alert in the parent unit that lets you know when there is noise in the baby room! This is especially great if you don't want to turn on the sound feature , but obviously still want to know when he wakes up! I think it's super useful for parents who work from home and may be on a business call. You might not want the volume all the way up so that the crying interrupts your meeting, but with the vibration feature you know when they're awake!
  • There is a temperature monitor that lets you know if your baby's room is too hot or too cool.
  • It has a 300m (1000ft) range so it's great for large homes or big areas! It means you can be outside on the patio enjoying the quiet time (which is so rare for parents) and not worry about whether the wifi signal will reach you.

Click here to see more features on VTech's webiste.

Obviously both cameras have so many other features to them! You can read about them all by visiting VTech's website or clicking here! If you own one of these, I'd be curious to hear what your favourite feature is! Let me know in the comments below.