The Reversible Play Mat from Boutique Wanderlust


I'm all for bright and colourful toys to stimulate Zane, but sometimes I just want to enjoy my home and all the effort I put into decorating it without feeling like it's being taken over by baby. I'm always on the hunt for beautiful, fashionable and monochrome baby accessories that don't stand out like a sore thumb, so when I found this Grey Reversible Play Mat from Boutique Wanderlust, I was on cloud 9! Boutique Wanderlust is an online shop that specializes in baby and toddler must haves, goodies for moms and they even have a gift registry!


The exterior of the playmate is 100% cotton with a cushiony interior. It's reversible which I love (one side is dark grey and the other light grey), and completely safe to put in the washing machine and dryer (Who has time to hang dry with a new born!?). It easily folds up and has become a staple in my diaper bag. I'm often visiting my family and friends, who don't have kids, and I usually have no where to put Zane other than in his stroller or on a swaddle blanket on the floor. This cushiony Reversible Play Mat (which also comes in pink) is a MUCH better solution! This mat is our new favourite baby accessory and Rambo seems to love it as much as Zane! :) 


I really recommend you visit Boutique Wanderlust online because they have really beautiful, fashionable and unique baby accessories that are sure to please anyone! They even have a baby registry option (which I wish I would have known about when I was pregnant!), so for all you expecting mamas, this is definitely the place to register for some jaw dropping baby and nursery accessories!