Recreate the Whimsical World of Luna Petunia in Your Own Home With to Funrise Toys

Luna Petunia, the Netflix exclusive show that is inspired by Cirque du Soleil, is a fave in our house since we discovered it last month! The show is all about the adventures of a little girl named Luna who learns that she can do anything with the help of her friends. The animated series is bright, whimsical, fun, exciting and Luna's friends are sure to become characters that your little ones look forward to watching! We were so happy to be able to welcome our Netflix friends into our home thanks to Funrise Toys :).


Funrise Toys has released a preschool Luna Petunia line in time for the holidays! It includes a large talking Luna Petunia doll with hair that you can style, a large soft and plush doll that you can hug all day long, figurines to create your own adventures with and these adorable plush beanies! We got all of Zane's faves: Luna, Bibi Bubbles, Sammy Stretch and Karoo!


The figurines and beanies make perfect stocking stuffers and your little one's eyes are sure to light up when they can play with and hold their favourite TV characters :). Click here to see the entire Luna Petunia toy collection from Funrise Toys.