Him and Her Gift Guide for the Holidays

1. Noize Cruelty Free Winter Coats: NOIZE winter coats are so well made and no detail is overlooked. Their styles for men and women are gorgeous and the quality is phenomenal. They use vegan leather and all their products are PETA approved. What's not to love? Use the promo code tovah for 15% off your order! Visit noizeoriginal.ca to find your perfect coat!

Lina Long Coat.jpg

2. Archipelago Scented Candles: Sold at Nicole's Gallery & Boutique, these candles burn for hours and leave the most delicious scent behind. They come in a beautiful wooden box, making it more than just a candle, but a decorative piece for your home. Click here to visit Nicole's Gallery and Boutique


3. HearBand and TV Streamer: Save a marriage - give this gift to a couple you love. No more yelling at your significant other to turn down the TV or having to listen to UFC, Soccer or Hockey in the background while trying to write a blog post (not that I'm speaking from experience lol). The TV Streamer transmits what you hear on TV to a set of wireless headphones! How cool is that? Click here to visit Lucid Audio.

Hearband and TV Streamer copy.jpg

4. NEST Liquidless Diffuser: It comes with this gorgeous silver holder and scented sticks that are dry! The scent is strong enough to fill an entire floor, but delicate enough to not overpower a room. Click here to shop NEST Fragrances.


5. ACK! the Book: Holidays and parenting can leave a lot of us feeling overwhelmed, tired and discouraged. Give the gift that will help anyone in your life get that motivation back and find ways to cope with stress with ACK! the Book. Made for adults, but with entertaining colorful illustrations, help your loved ones learn how to turn the bad days into good days! They're sure to laugh and totally relate to every page. Click here for your FREE book (while quantities last)!


6. Luhvee Books: Find the perfect Love Book for any occasion with a simple fill-in-the blank concept that allows you to finish your creation in under an hour! Click here to read my full review on Luhvee Books or click here to visit their site an start creating your own! Use code TOVAH20 for 20% off your purchase! (code expires 12/31/17)


Stay tuned next week for my New Mama Faves! :)


Let's #MakeNoize this Winter with Cruelty Free Winter Coats!


Use promo code: tovah to save 15% off your order at www.noizeoriginal.ca !

Canadian winters are something I can't avoid (unfortunately) and with an active dog and a winter-loving husband, it means I spend WAY more time outside than I want, so keeping warm is a MUST. This year I am proud to say that I'll be braving the cold in my cruelty free, vegan, PETA-approved jacket from NOIZE.

NOIZE, designed out of Montreal, creates beautifully crafted jackets and coats for men and women with high-quality faux fur and vegan leather accents. You no longer have to choose between being ethical and looking stylish... with NOIZE you can have both! I chose the Lina Long Coat (to cover as much of my body as possible from the cold lol).


I had a misconception that warm winter jackets needed to be down-filled, and so I was pleasantly surprised to put on my new Lina Long Coat and to find that, not only was it as warm (if not warmer) than my down-filled jackets, but that the weight, look and feel of the coat was better than what I currently own! I was honestly blown away by the quality and regret not having discovered this brand sooner. The fabric is so thick and luxurious, and it has super soft high-quality faux-fur around the collar and the hood... I never want to take it off. It has vegan leather accents down the front, soft lined pockets to keep my hands warm and a detachable hood. No detail was overlooked! It is, hands down, the warmest and most comfortable coat I own (it is also the only one I will be wearing this winter).

As an animal lover and owner, I think it's amazing that NOIZE makes fashion forward jackets that are cruelty free and I love supporting a company with such an important value at its core. Their styles are gorgeous and I can't wait to get my husband in one of their jackets (maybe then he'll offer to walk the dog more often this winter - wishful thinking I know).

Use promo code: tovah to save 15% off your order at www.noizeoriginal.ca and let's #makeNOIZE this winter in our cruelty free outerwear! I promise you won't be disappointed.