Tommy the Turtle™ is a Step Above the Rest!


One of the must have items that every mom told me I needed to have was a baby soother - something that played noises and sounds, such as a heart beat or white noise. I was told it would help me survive being a new mom. I was lucky enough to get my hands on VTech's Tommy the Turtle™: the Storytelling Baby Soother, and let me tell you - this product does way more than what your average baby soother does - it actually does it all (except the midnight diaper changes lol). It is essentially a baby soother that doubles as a night light AND tells stories in addition to signing lullabies and being equipped with noises such as rain, waterfalls, white noise, a heart beat etc. 

My top 5 favourite features of Tommy the Turtle are:


1. Soft & Soothing Night Light: Tommy the Turtle™'s belly lights up (and the intensity can be controlled) to create the perfect night light for your little one. Whether you're turning it on because they're afraid of the dark, or so that you can do a quick diaper change without totally waking them up or walking into their crib (we've all done this while stumbling in the dark)- this feature is definitely a useful one.

2. Sounds and Noises to Help Your Little One Fall Asleep: Tommy the Turtle™ comes with 10 lullabies and 10 soothing sounds (such as white noise, rain etc.) preloaded to help your little one calm down, feel relaxed, and eventually fall asleep. I love that there are lullabies in addition to the sounds! Not only does it help my son fall asleep, but it also helps to drown out my really bad voice when I'm singing to him lol.


3. Soothing Storyteller (This is my FAVE feature): Tommy the Turtle™ comes with 10 preloaded stories! I'm obsessed with this feature. Often my little one wakes up in the middle of the night, and unfortunately, the second he sees me, he thinks it's party time! So being able to sneak into his room, and turn on the story telling feature has been a life saver for my sleep at night! The soothing voice has such a effect on him and it immediately calms him down and helps him fall back asleep. I've found it useful too if I need to jump in a quick shower and Zane is awake. I put him in his crib and turn on Tommy the Turtle™!

4. Online app: There's a free app that you can download which gives you access to additional lullabies, noises and stories! How cool is that? And you can load the new songs via wifi! All parents know that at some point, the same melody and songs get tiring and boring for our children (ok I lied... they get annoying and repetitive for us)... Tommy the Turtle™ doesn't have that issue because you can simply mix it up and download new songs and stories (you're welcome!).

5. Timer: You can set Tommy the Turtle™ on a 30, 45 or 60 minute timer so you don't have to remember to turn it off. It has a little display screen on the top of it that makes it easy to set and navigate through all the other features. 


We love VTech's Tommy the Turtle™: the Storytelling Baby Soother! It goes above and beyond what I expected it to do, and I love that I can go online and download new songs to keep it interesting for Zane (and to keep my sanity)! I look forward to recommending it to all my new mom friends!