Who Says Diaper Bags Have to Be Boring?

One of the fun things about baby #2 is that so much of what we need, we already have, which leaves a bit of room for splurging on the things that matter the most - like diaper bags! I probably used my diaper bag more than any other baby item I owned. Whether it was to doctor’s visits, park trips or dinner dates, a stylish, practical and roomy diaper bag is a MUST. I probably went through about 3 of them with Zane and this time around decided to spoil myself with one that I had been eyeing for a while - The Glam Goldie Backpack from KidzDistrict.


It checked so many must haves off my list, I can confidently recommend this diaper bag and know you’ll love it as much as I do!

  • It’s a backpack - meaning your 2 arms are free to hold your toddler’s hands, hold your baby, push a stroller, grocery shop … and the list goes on. With Zane I had a few over the shoulder bags and they were just impossible to use when he was younger. They swing when you bend down, get in the way, will give you a back ache, and are just not practical. The bonus? IF you’re a die hard over the shoulder type of diaper bag girl, it comes with a detachable strap so you can easily convert it!

  • It comes in the most BEAUTIFUL colours. These bags will catch EVERYONE’S attention. Whatever your style is, these bags will fit in perfectly. I chose Anthracite!

  • It comes with EVERY necessary accessory that you need. Much more than any other bag I’ve seen. To name a few: a water-repellent changing mat, an insulated, removable bottle holder, a removable compartment for baby food jars, a cell phone compartment, key ring, shoulder bag strap and stroller straps so it doesn’t take up room under your stroller!

  • It has SO many compartments. you can literally fit EVERYTHING you could ever imagine in this bag and still have room. 

IMG_6081_Facetune_18-03-2019-18-53-31 copy.jpg

This bag checks off every requirement as a mama of soon to be 2! Click here to visit KidzDistrict and to learn more about the Goldie Backpack!