Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy With A Newborn In The House


Dogs are an important member of the family, and before you had kids they were probably the closest you got. Once a baby enters the house, however, it can be easy for your dog to fall to second place as you get distracted by adjusting to life as a new baby.

Even so, your dog is still a member of your family and deserves your care and attention too. While it’s not always easy, there are things you can do to adjust your routine to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy. Read the following for useful advice on caring for your dog with a newborn in the house.

Be prepared before baby arrives

Preparation is usually the way to avoid many problems, and by factoring in your dog in your preparations for your baby’s arrival you can help make things much smoother further down the line. Make sure your dog is fully trained, especially with verbal commands, so that they listen to you and are disciplined in their behavior. You might need to attend classes to get some help.

Introduce your dog to the baby

Rather than keeping your two babies separate, introduce them. The new sounds and smells won’t be lost on your dog, who is likely to show some interest in the new arrival. Let them sniff the baby, its clothes, etc. and reward them for showing good, calm behavior. You can keep them on a leash in case they get over-excited, but many dogs will grow to love your baby as part of the family and even become protective over them.

Keep up your dog’s routine

As difficult as it can be between sleepless nights and busy days, try to keep up your dog’s routine. Ensure feeding times are the same and that you take them for walks at the time you’d usually go. You can start taking out the stroller on your walks to help everyone get some fresh air and exercise, or use it as an opportunity for you or your partner to get out of the house for a little bit and have some alone time.

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise will stop them from getting bored and means they’ll be more likely to behave at home. It can also help prevent weight gain - something that can lead to a number of health problems. Reading articles like this one:, can help you to avoid dog arthritis, which can be a demanding condition to treat when you’ve got a baby at home. A healthy dog is easier to manage, so make sure you stay on top of it.

Be a great multi-tasker

Moms soon learn how to juggle several things at once, and baby and dog are no different. While you’re feeding the baby, pet the dog at the same time or throw a ball back and forth. Even having your dog in the same room can make a difference, and they’ll soon adjust to having a baby around. Remember to reward them for good behavior - a supply of homemade dog treats is a must!

Juggling your fur baby and your newborn isn’t always easy, but you’ll soon adapt into a routine that works for all of you. Try different things until you discover what works for you and you’ll soon have it nailed for the perfect family life.

Don't Forget These Things When You're Buying Your Teenager's First Car!


It's understandably a pretty big moment in any young person's life when they finally get their licence and can legally get behind the wheel of a car unsupervised. Of course, for most kids, the next step is for them to have their own set of wheels. After all, what good is the freedom of a driving licence if you can't get out on the road and use it. Of course, that usually means that it's going to fall to you to deal with finding them a car. There are a lot of things to think about when buying your child's first car but here are a few simple pieces of advice to make the whole process just a little bit easier.

Take out a loan

Finding the best deal for your teenager’s first car can often be a big worry since, a lot of people don’t want to end up spending huge amounts of money for it. At the same time, you want to make sure that whatever they’re driving is reliable enough to be safe. It’s a good idea to look out for the best auto loans that you can find. That way you’re going to be able to to save money right off the bat but you’re not going to end up having to spend all of your money making payments months after months just so your kids can have a set of wheels when they pass their test.

Keep the engine small

There are a few good reasons to keep the engine size down on your child's first car. The first is safety. Kids can make some pretty stupid decisions, and plenty of young people have gotten themselves hurt because they were trying to show off by going at high speeds. A smaller engine prevents that from happening by limiting the kinds of speeds they can get up to. The second benefit of a small engine is insurance. The insurance on a first-time driver is always going to be pretty high, and the more powerful the car is, the more you're going to end up spending.

Think safety

You want your child to be safe when they're behind the wheel. And the best way to do that is to make sure that the car that they're driving is as safe and secure as possible. No matter what kind of car you end up getting them, make sure that it's been properly safety tested and that all the features work properly. The car's cargo is simply too precious to leave anything up to chance.

It's never easy watching them drive away in their own car for the first time. You're going to find yourself worrying about their safety as well as wanting to be sure that they're going to be responsible. The truth is, they’re probably pretty nervous too. However, the only thing you can really do is to trust them. Sure, they might make a few mistakes in the beginning, but it's probably not much different to the way that you were when you were younger.

Presents Or Poverty... What's The Best Way To Save Money When You're A Poor Parent?

girl-996635_1920 (1).jpg

It's common knowledge that having a kid is the best way to drain your finances quickly, but when you are struggling to make ends meet, the concept of saving money, shy of embracing minimalism, is pretty far-fetched. But are there ways to save money when you are a poor parent? Is it actually about having some financial common sense or does it run far deeper?

Knowing What You Are Entitled To

It can boil down to this, because you might not know what you are entitled to, especially with regards to benefits like Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC), it could make a huge difference in your finances. But beware with tax credits, because there are easy ways for you to be subject to EITC abuse, and sufficiently protecting yourself is complete common sense.

Becoming Self-Sufficient

This requires you to look at your lifestyle because if you are not particularly self-sufficient, and rely on a lot of external resources, it's hardly a surprise that you are lacking in money. One of the best ways you can become self-sufficient is, very simply, learning how to cook. It's surprising that a lot of people don't know how to, or have limited skills, when it comes to cooking. But if you are making the most of whatever is left in the fridge it is a way to make your food, and your money, go further. It's not just in the kitchen where you can clean up financially, if you are used to a certain lifestyle, and this requires a lot of money to be spent, are there things you can swap for a cheaper item? Becoming self-sufficient can encompass so many different things.

Why Organization Is The Best Option

And if you're trying to make your money go a bit further, then it's important to get everything in order. Being organized, and knowing exactly how much everything costs, as well as your specific outgoings every month, will help you to prepare exactly what is required for you to put money aside. You might consider the fact that you are struggling day to day, but is that because you actually don't know how much you spend in relation to what you earn? As soon as you get organized, and put into place a plan, you are far better equipped to deal with financial concerns.

Does Your Kid Really Need All That Stuff?

Yes, we all want the best for our children, but does that mean we have to keep overloading them with gifts, especially if it's gifts they don't end up using at all? It's a well-known cliché that a child will play with the box rather than the toy but there's a lesson to be learnt in this. If you spend above and beyond what you earn to ensure your children get everything they want, not only does it drain your finances, but does this teach them anything about the value of hard work? Being a parent and trying to save money is most definitely a challenge, but it's one that can be down as long as you start to think more self-sufficiently but also have a more sensible outlook.

Can Money Buy You Beauty?

There’s an article on Kim Kardashian in a lifestyle magazine. In it, the author notes, that the woman’s skin is radiant. They say that this effect is only possible when you are worth millions. The message here seems to be that money will make you beautiful. Is that right? With some of the possibilities on the market today, it definitely is.


Why Work Off The Fat In The Gym When You Can Freeze It?

The concept of cryogenics isn’t new however using it for beauty is a fairly fresh concept. Indeed, it’s true to say that it is also quite an attractive possibility. Rather than heading to the gym, you can take a trip to the spa, and for a price, they will freeze the fat cells in your body. Once frozen, the fat cells then become waste in the body. This causes it to naturally drop away. At least, that’s the idea, and it does seem like it is effective when you read the reviews online. But it’s also expensive. This type of treatment will cost you hundreds though to be fair, that’s also what you’ll pay if you want a personal trainer.

Many people wonder how celebrities get in shape so quickly. Is it steroids or some other secret? The answer, of course, is that they can afford to hire a trainer who motivates, controls their diet and watches every aspect of their health. When you have something like this, getting in shape isn’t a struggle at all. But it will definitely cost you.

Would You Completely Change Your Face?

People spend thousands of cosmetic surgery. Some spend hundreds of thousands. Forget what they say in magazines. Hardly anything that you see on the silver screen is natural. From pec implants to buttocks enlargements and silicone lips to botox the market is filled with possible ways to improve your ‘beauty.’ Indeed, many people get so obsessed with this idea that they end up needing loans to pay off debt. However, that doesn’t change the fact that if you have the money, you can completely alter your appearance. A new nose, higher cheekbones, a smaller chin, it can all be yours.

Will It Make You Happy?

Psychology says no. If you are truly unhappy with the way, you look. If you feel ugly, fat or unattractive, then these fixes won’t be the answer. There will be a deeper cause of your lack of self-worth before you consider making any physical changes.

Altering your diet and changing your fitness levels, on the other hand, can help you see a difference. But it’s not because of what you’ll see when you look in the mirror. It’s the impact that eating good food and working out will have on your body and indeed your mind. There are no quick routes to the levels of happiness this can bring you.

So, while beauty may be purchased with money, fortunately, the happiness you assume you would come with it, is available for free through other means. All you need to do is take the right steps.

3 Simple Ways To Engage Your Kids With Reading


With the emergence of all things technological for kids in the twenty first century, from social media to Minecraft and from online gaming to smartphones, it can be hard to convince your little darlings to give the humble book a try. Reading has been a stalwart of hobbies for centuries. From the tales of Dickens, the novella of the Bronte sisters and the horror yarns of Shelley, reading has been a source of pleasure for children and adults since the invention of the printing press. Now with the high definition competition staking a claim for kids attention spans, it can be trickier than ever to enthuse your children about reading.

Stick To Their Hobbies

If your ten year old son loves nothing more than playing sports, watching blockbuster movies about dinosaurs and playing with lego, don’t try and get him to read a book about the kings and queens of England. You need to engage your little cherub with his own passions. Ask him to make a list of his hobbies and head out to purchase some exciting books all about his passions. Stereotypically boys are seen as being switched off by reading, but this is becoming increasingly common for girls too. Forget about novels and world class writing for the time being and encourage them to pick up a non-fiction book about their love of horses, trees or their favourite cartoon character or even allow them to sit on the sofa reading a comic. Engagement begins with tapping into what they love.

Self Esteem

Sometimes kids feel like they might be rubbish at reading or they might struggle to understand the words on the page in front of them. This can cause low self esteem and totally disengage them from a worthwhile hobby. Sit down with your child and ask them why they don’t like reading. They may struggle with breaking down words or comprehension. If this is the case, investigate securing the services of some private one on one home tutoring. With a more nuanced and bespoke learning method, your child will receive a personalised plan to help them not only read well but also engage them with books.

The Library

Nowadays libraries are no longer archaic institutions where everyone is told to stay silent, and books fill untold numbers of shelves hooked onto beige walls. Libraries are colourful, dynamic and engaging places to spend a couple of hours each week. Most will run specialised kids workshops with the goal of engaging kids with reading. You could even partake in a readathon as a whole family over the summer break, competing to see who can read the most books. The more your child reads, the better they will become at it.

Reading for pleasure is seemingly dying out. Nevertheless, all is not lost with companies like Amazon bringing out Kindles, little tablets complete with book ink effect print to ensure eyes are not strained. Technology is attempting to encourage an upsurge in reading once again. By following these three simple steps, you will be able to enthuse your child with a love of reading.


Pregnant Small Business Owners - How To Make It Work

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time indeed, especially if it is something that you have been trying for a long time already. It can signal the next chapter in your life, and it will certainly give you a reason to look forward to the future. However, female small business owners might not view their pregnancy with quite as much excitement as everyone else. In fact, they could end up worrying that it might affect their company. They might also worry that the stress of work could have a negative effect on their pregnancy and unborn baby. Thankfully, though, you don’t need to worry too much about juggling your business with pregnancy. Here are a few useful tips that can help you with it all.


Listen To Your Body

It is always important to listen to your body, and this is more so the case when you are working while pregnant. Your body will let you know if there is anything wrong or you need to start taking it easier. If you ever feel too fatigued, then it could be worth taking the day off so that you can relax and get plenty of rest. As long as you do keep on listening to your body and reacting appropriately, you should find that your health should continue to be good throughout your pregnancy.

Take Time Off When Needed

There will be a few reasons why you might need to take a day off during your pregnancy. Firstly, it could be because you are feeling unwell, as previously mentioned in the point above. This will especially be the case during the first trimester when you are prone to morning sickness. You might also need to take time off to go to hospital appointments and check ups. It is really important that you don’t ignore these appointments in favor of work, as they give you a chance to make sure that your pregnancy is developing as expected.


Adapt Your Furniture

In the later stages of pregnancy, you might want to change some of your office furniture so that you are more comfortable at work. For instance, it’s worth buying an ergonomic desk and office chair so that you can reduce any potential neck and back aches. It could also be worth adding heavy duty casters to tables to turn them into trolleys. You’ll be able to wheel them around to reduce the amount you need to carry. It also means that things can be easily brought to you, which will reduce the amount you need to be on your feet.

Prepare For Your Maternity Leave

While you are still at work, it is crucial that you are making all of the necessary preparations for your maternity leave. For example, if you want someone to step into your shoes while you are off, it’s a good idea to hire them before you leave so that they can shadow you and get an idea of their responsibilities. Now is also the time to delegate any tasks to your employees and managers.

Good luck with the pregnancy!

3 Things You Need To Learn Before Becoming A Parent

Becoming a parent for the first time is an incredible experience. You’re thrown in at the deep end and regardless of how many baby books you’ve read, you can never quite be prepared for what’s going to happen. You’ll learn so many lessons about being a parent and it’ll change you forever. But people often forget that there are things you need to learn before you become a parent, to prepare yourself. Here are 3 lessons you need to learn before you have your first child.


Money Management

Raising a family is expensive and it’s going to put a lot of financial strain on you. There are all of the nappies, food and clothes to pay for each month and those costs can quickly add up. When you’re not a parent, you can afford to be a bit more frivolous with your money but as soon as you have your first child, those days are over. If you go into parenthood in a bad financial situation, things are going to be incredibly difficult for you. That’s why it’s vital that you clear any debts that you have before then. If you’ve borrowed a lot of money and you’re struggling to pay it back, you should get in touch with a debt relief company. They can help you consolidate all of your different debts into a more manageable single repayment which really helps you to clear it faster. You also need to start looking at your spending habits; if you’re wasting money every month on expensive TV subscriptions or phone contracts, you need to sort that out. You won’t have the money to waste once you become a parent.

Sleep Is Important

You probably take sleep for granted at the moment and you don’t realise how important it is, but you will soon. Not getting enough sleep can cause so many different health problems, increase your chance of getting mental health issues and affect your concentration and mood during the day. You might not realise that now, but when the baby arrives and you’re getting by on a tiny amount of sleep, you’ll get a big shock. Don’t take the sleep that you get now for granted and learn to value it.

There’s No Such Thing As Normal

Every parent worries about their child, there’s no way around it. But a lot of parents get themselves worked up by comparing their child to others and wondering if they’re ‘normal.’ Worrying whether they’re growing fast enough, or if they’re going to learn to crawl soon because your friend’s kids are, is only going to cause you a lot of stress. It gets worse when they start school and you start questioning whether they’re learning at the right pace. The truth is, there is no such thing as normal. Every child is different and most of the time, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you want some peace of mind, speak to your doctor, but in most cases, they’ll tell you that you’re worrying about nothing.

Learn these 3 lessons and you’ll be better equipped when you do finally become a parent.

What Body Confidence Could Mean For You


Body confidence is something that has become at the forefront of the cultural conversation. We like to stop people from shaming us if we do not fit the usual standard, and we celebrate models with diversity, such as those featuring stretch marks or other ‘unattractive’ features. This is important to think about because the definition of body confidence can change from person to person.

For example, what is the value of body confidence? We’d say that ideally, it should help you feel comfortable about things you cannot change, not act as a method of accepting living in an unhealthy manner. For example, as harsh and unforgiving as it sounds, someone who is morbidly obese espousing body confidence values is easy to see through. This never, never, never warrants shaming or treating them any differently, but sometimes body confidence must walk a tightrope between ideal health, ideal aesthetics, and the absolute necessary need for acceptance.

The best way to conceptualize what body confidence could mean for you is to think about your personal situation. Consider the following thought experiments. Maybe you could apply them to your personal perception and become more relaxed and proud of yourself as a result:

Body Confidence Is Reaching Goals

Body confidence absolutely means reaching your fitness goals, or simply taking more time to live a little more healthily. However, it’s not only that. It might mean having the confidence to wear a tank top or a dress, or wearing the complete opposite. There is no hard and fast rule for fashion, but sometimes wearing what you truly want can be a little worrying. Not everyone has the confidence to wear plenty of jewelry for example, but they might want to. Whatever your body confidence goal is, you can be sure to achieve it if you become unashamed. But how?

Body Confidence Is Being Unashamed

It might be that body confidence is being unashamed about what you actually look like. Some people have burn marks or birthmarks, some people have plenty of intense freckles, some people have acne scars. Some people are slightly overweight or dislike the shape of their nose. Some people wish they had breast surgery. To be confident about yourself and unashamed is either to accept yourself totally or accept your willingness to make a change totally. For example, if you dislike the shape of your nose, either accepting that’s who you are as a unique beauty or having it slightly changed are both valid efforts. It just depends on what your most authentic and genuine desire is and going for that. It’s how people find the bravery to switch genders later in life. It’s how people finally accept the injury that left them disfigured. To become much happier with who you are, making this effort can be a very excellent thing to care of, and can make you a happier person in the long term.

Remember that mostly, body confidence is accepting beauty in all forms. There is no standard size and shape that we must all fit. All of it is appropriate if we keep a little wisdom and make the right decisions. With this simple inspirational guide, you will likely find yourself gaining more body confidence, and that is always a positive thing. Good luck!

5 Classics That Make Any Outfit Pop


When it comes to dressing, we’re always going to have our favorite ways of doing things. And that’s the way that it should be. Because style is so unique and personal to everyone, that you really do need to be sure to pick out things that you know you’re going to absolutely love. You’ll want to make sure that you’re dressing to feel your best, and that you’re having a lot of fun in the process. But sometimes, you can also find that you feel a bit lost. Maybe you’re not really sure what you want to wear, or you’re not confident enough to find your own style just yet? When that’s the case, you’re going to want to make sure that you turn to classic wardrobe staples to help you.

1. A Statement Bag

So first of all, there’s a good bag. It’s really easy to focus on the clothing choices that you’re making, but you will also find that this is quite limiting. Because you do need to accessorize every outfit for practicality reasons. You know that you need a bag to carry all of your possessions in when you’re going out, so why not make it a classic? If you want your bag to show off your outfit and not take away from it, invest in a statement designer so that you can keep it for years too.

2. Jewelry

Next, there’s jewelry. We will all have our own preferences when it comes to the kind of jewelry that you like to wear, but you are going to want to make sure that your choices go with your looks. This is why it’s often a good idea to mix things up, with brands like opalsaustralia, so that you have different styles to wear with your looks. Then you can alternate between fine jewelry and costume statements.

3. A Manicure

Do you always look after your nails? This sounds a little silly, but a good manicure can really transform an outfit. When your nails aren’t done, you can feel a bit messy. But with a good manicure, your nails pop and can compliment your outfit.

4. Stilettos

When it comes to shoes, you definitely want to stick to the classics. While you’re definitely free to pick out the styles that feel most comfortable, stylecaster talk about how to wear heels, if that’s any help to you. Because we all know that classic stilettos go great with any outfit.

5. A Statement Coat

And one of the best things that you can work into any outfit is always going to be a statement jacket. How frustrating is it when you’re trying to pull a look together, and you realize that you need a jacket. So you throw on a coat, only to find that it just doesn’t go with what you’re wearing, or totally covers up the look altogether anyway. So it’s always a good idea to think about finding a killer coat that just shows off all of your outfits.


Things Every Super Happy Family Have In Common

Having a happy family is something that people tend to think should come naturally, only to end up disappointed when they have a family of their own and they realize it’s a lot harder than they thought it would be.

It’s true that you won’t always be a ‘naturally’ happy family. Becoming a happy family can take a lot of work and effort, but you can get there if you're determined and consistent.

In this post we’re going to talk about things that super happy families have in common. Take a look and you might find your own family is happier in no time:


They Have a Mission Statement

A family mission statement, or even a motto, can help you to feel closer and make you happier. Think about it: what does it mean to be a part of your family? Discuss this with your kids and come up with something together. You could come up with a statement based around support and encouragement, or even honesty.

They Have Regular Family Meetings

Regular family meetings are great for families, especially those who have lots of their own stuff going on. In these meetings you can discuss everything, from the family finances to home maintenance. You can talk about water heater repair, what you’re going to to when you all have some free time at the weekend, and any issues that have made themselves known in the household. Having one of these a week, or even bi-weekly can be a great way to stay close and feel happier.

They Share Their Family History

Sharing your family history can help to make kids feel a part of something bigger. Studies have even shown that kids who are told about their history are happier than those in the dark about it!

They Have At Least One Meal Together Per Day

The happiest families have one meal together every day. It doesn’t have to be dinner, despite what you may have read on other sites. It can be breakfast, or even supper. All you have to do is be as consistent with it as you can. This is time you can use to really focus on one another and catch up. There are too many benefits to ignore, especially for your kids. Studies have shown that kids brought up in an environment like this do better at school and avoid doing things like smoking.

They Set Time Aside For Quality Time

Setting time aside for quality time is also a must - this doesn’t include passive activity like watching TV, though. Try to go for walks and do things together that will help you to create memories!

They Communicate Well

Being passive aggressive doesn’t help anybody, and if you do this you’re teaching it to your kids. Communicating well and being able to have discussions rather than arguing and pointing blame will go a long way, both now and in the future. It’s never too late to make a change!

Do you have anything in common with the most happy families?





Love Yourself As Much As Kim Kardashian Does

Kim Kardashian is absolutely everywhere at the minute. Whether it be on the TV, social media, on the cover of a magazine… she is just absolutely everywhere. She has become an icon to many different people, for many different reasons. Whether it be her ventures into the world of beauty, fashion, or her lifestyle choices. Whether you love Kim Kardashian, or you hate her, there’s no denying that she has made something of herself from absolutely nothing, and is now sitting on an absolute fortune because of it. This is something we’ll just never have the satisfaction of doing, so we have to take our hats off to her! But above all, Kim Kardashian does love herself, and it’s widely documented how much she does. Whether it be her selfies all over Instagram, or her videos on Snapchat, you can just tell that she does love herself. So what we want you to do, is find a way to love yourself as much as she does. Whether it be through a journey of self acceptance, or by making little changes to yourself. To help you down the right road, we’ve got some tips for you that will help you to love yourself like Kim Kardashian does.

Subtle Little Changes

There are some subtle changes that you can make to your appearance that should help you to fall in love with yourself again. The more time you spend working on what you perceive to be your faults, the happier you’re going to feel with yourself. So, let's start from the top. If you’re someone who has always played around with the colour and styling of your hair, we guarantee that you’re going to have done some damage along the way. Colouring for one causes by issues with the hair, and you’ll often find that after just a few times of colouring, the hair will become dry, and the ends will become split. There’s not really much you can do to change this, apart from letting your natural colour grow through. If this isn’t an option for you, then you need to start going for more natural colours that won’t require your hair to have such a strong dye on it, and use hair masks to try and repair the damage. If you have a look on the internet, you’ll find plenty of different masks that will be perfect for damaged hair. Make sure you’re getting it cut every six weeks as well to help keep the ends of your hair as fresh as possible.


You could also make some changes to the way that you do your makeup. Whilst a lot of girls don’t like to plaster themselves in makeup, this isn’t necessarily what you have to do. All you need to do is add in things such as bronzer, blusher, and highlighter, and it can completely change your look for you. Start by using a light layer of moisturiser and letting it fully soak in. The apply a light layer of primer, and let that also sink in. Then you want to apply a layer of foundation, and make sure that it is blended properly. In the areas where you feel it needs a bit more, apply some more. You can build up a base until you have a face that’s ready for the other elements. Start by applying bronzer the the face, getting a light coverage to all areas. Then, just on your cheekbones, apply a light layer of blusher. You might need to built it up until you start seeing the pinky colour. Then to finish, on the top of your cheekbones, apply a layer of highlighter and a dap on the end of your nose to make yourself look beautiful!

Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is something that we all find hard to do. But you’ll never truly love yourself if you can’t find a way to accept the fact that we are all different in our own unique ways. The more time we try and spend being like someone else, the more we’re going to lose sight of who we really are. So, before you begin judging all of the things that you feel are ugly or wrong about yourself, think about the things that celebrities might have wrong with them, because despite their pictures, they aren’t as perfect as you might think! For example, Kim Kardashian suffers with Psoriasis, but you wouldn’t tell because she has so much self confidence in herself. It’s all about battling your own emotions and beliefs, and believing that you are beautiful! Plus, if you’ve never had anyone judge you and point out the faults you think you have, then you’ve got no reason to believe people might be judging you. What you see as a fault in yourself, other people just might not notice.

Big Changes

There are some big changes that you can make that we know would make you love yourself a little bit more. Even though it might be changing your body, it’s changing it so that you have more confidence within yourself. One of the most common things that women have done at the minute to help boost their confidence, is changing their breast size and shape. To do this, you can either have a breast lift, or a breast enlargement. Both have their pros and cons, and both are really popular. If it was breast lift vs breast augmentation, augmentation would probably win on the popularity side of things, but a breast lift would win in terms of safety! Spend some time thinking what procedure you would like doing, if any, and make sure that you’re 100% positive it is what you want done. It is a life changing to go under the knife, whether that be for better or for worse.


Sometimes, all you need is a little confidence in the way that you look. A little bit of confidence that the outfit you have just put together looks amazing, rather than feeling as though it doesn’t compliment your body. A bit of confidence that the makeup you’ve done every morning makes you look beautiful, rather than thinking you’re trying too hard. As women, we tend to put ourselves down rather a lot, we when should be bringing ourselves up!

Do You Have To Breakout? Hell No!

Skin, what a bummer right? It’s the largest organ on the body and it’s also the most sensitive. One small change in diet or the weather and acne will break out like a felon from jail. And, because skin covers you from head to toe, it’s impossible to miss. Sometimes, it feels as if the results are visible from the International Space Station. On days like that, it takes real courage and bravery to step outside. Has anyone got a religious headdress I can borrow, please?!

Breakouts are the norm for women. In a society where looks are everything, it’s essential to keep up appearances. The result is that the chemicals from the makeup clog the pores and cause redness and swelling. In many ways, acne is unavoidable. What are you going to do, not put on makeup? Yeah, thanks for that amazing piece of advice!

In a catch-22 situation, women need a middle ground, a place where they can be safe. Skin-wise, you’ll be happy to hear that such a haven does exist. To find it, take a glance at tips underneath. They’ll act as your map to the Promised Land.

Pour On The Screen

The odds are that you’re sick and tired of hearing another basic tip such as wear plenty of sunscreen. Yes, people from bloggers to skin experts bang on about this hack and it gets annoying after a while. In fact, so much so that it makes you feel as if you want to rebel to teach them a lesson. Take that, random people off of the internet!

Of course, the only thing which suffers is your skin. According to the pros, almost 80% of wrinkles and lines are caused by sun exposure. Although this doesn’t directly lead to acne, it does break down the cells and make them weaker. As a result, sun-kissed skin is more susceptible to dirt and grime.

Wear lotion now and in the winter, when UV rays are still quite strong. You may not be able to feel them, but they are there, soaking into your skin.

Clean Your Brushes

You can be forgiven for thinking that this one is aimed at artists and not everyday women. However, women have as many brushes as painters. Let’s face it – we all want a smooth, even texture to our skin. Cleaning is a big deal when it comes to the face. The last thing most women do before bed is to wipe away the excess grime with a wet-wipe. The tools of the trade, however, are left alone to rot.

What’s worse about this is that you’ll use the same utensils in the morning to apply makeup. Firstly, urgh! Secondly, the bacteria you want to get off of your face are still on the brushes. So, reapplying only leads to covering your face in dirt. And, acne is a by-product.

The key is to wash them after every use to avoid contamination. Also, throw away used cotton buds and baby wipes or anything which is covered in muck.

Consider Prescription Medicines

If you need a gel or a lotion or a moisturizer these days, you’ll go to the drug store. Over-the-counter products are perfect for everyday needs, like sunburn or a migraine. There’s no point in calling the doctor and bothering him or her. Just take a trip down to the store and self-medicate.

The dangers of self-medicating aside, buying items over-the-counter isn’t always the best choice. Why? It’s because they aren’t strong enough to deal with some skin issues. Yes, a tube of cream may reduce inflammation for now, yet it’s only a short-term fix. The long-term solutions are in the doctor’s medicine cabinet, and they can hand them out to patients. Steroids are excellent illustrations of prescriptions at work. They kill the bacteria in their tracks and prevent them from breaking out.

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery can be effective too. Botox is synonymous with wrinkles and aging, yet it’s brilliant at killing oil production. Greasy skin breaks out in pimples, so a jab or two to the head can work wonders. Always consider the drawbacks before doing something drastic, and consult a physician first.


Go Vegan

Those animal-loving, social justice warriors are nuts. Everyone has seen them pouring into restaurants and calling people murderers. We all like animals, but that’s a bit over-the-top. Granted, some of their measures are an acquired taste. But, you don’t have to get on board with the message, only the impacts.

Did you know that dairy products encourage oil production in the skin? It’s true; they contain cow hormones which trigger the process. Even organic dairy products aren’t exempt. Unfortunately, beauty items aren’t all vegan and they include lots of these hormones. Thus, you’re increasing the likelihood of breaking out every time you wear makeup. If this is daily, then there is an issue.

Check the back of the box or the bottle for ingredients. In fact, vegan products will proudly display the point they don’t use elements from animals. On a separate note, you can try and embrace veganism in everyday life. For example, swap traditional milk for the soy variety. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

Shrink The Pores

They’re that small they are hard to spot with the naked eye. Still, enlarged pores are the main cause of acne. Once the dirt and grime get in there, they swell up and look as if someone is shining a laser on your face. They do say the little things make the biggest difference.

Clearly, the goal is to shrink them back down to size, and for that, you’ll need an exfoliate. Exfoliates get deep into the cells and remove all the things which clog up the skin. Should there be any protein, keratin, oil or dead cells, they’ll be gone in a flash. The ones you find in stores are fine, but a mixture of salicylic and glycolic acid works the best. Throw in microdermabrasion and they’ll be invisible once more.

Do you think breakouts are inevitable now? Hopefully, the answer is an emphatic no.


Encouraging An Active Lifestyle For Your Kids

When it comes to keeping children active and healthy, it is now become more evident that this is a growing concern for moms. With more focus on the news about childhood obesity it is now more important than ever before to advocate a healthier lifestyle for your children and the whole family. However, how do you do it without it seeming forced and unnatural? I wanted to share with you some of the ways I think you could do it, no matter how old your children are.


Lead by example

Sometimes if you are wanting change to happen you have to first start with yourself. If you are not actively doing things to have a healthier and more balanced lifestyle you can’t expect the rest of the family to. So lead by example and make the changes yourself. It will be far easier to implement them if you are actively involved and behind the change yourself.

Get children involved in sports groups

The next thing to think about would be to get children involved in sports groups. This is a great way for them to be active. You can involve young children in toddler sessions, and as the older children get, they can then belong to teams and be far more involved. As a mom, you can also be supportive, whether that is helping out with the sublimated football jerseys, sharing car journeys and lightening the load, or just being supportive on the sidelines. Getting the whole family involved can really help.

Have a healthier diet and eat together

It isn't just about being active it is also about how you nourish your body and so the key would be to encourage a healthier and balanced diet for the whole family. If you struggle to get your children to eat healthy food why not start a new habit of eating together. Again it comes down to that leading by example point made earlier. You can encourage children to do more things if they see you doing them.

Drink more water

Water is a great way to feel more healthy, and so it might be a good idea to try and encourage drinking more of it as a family. Substitute fruit justices for water at meals times, and try and encourage water instead of caffeinated drinks. It could really help.

Encourage time outside rather than on technology

Finally, being outside is definitely going to help when it comes to encouraging a healthier lifestyle in general. Too many children are spending more time than they should be on technology devices. While tech is great for learning and should be an essential part of their lives, more children are becoming reliant on games and spend too much time on them, rather than being outside. Limit the time and enjoy the great outdoors, even a walk as a family in an evening could be a new habit to start ad enjoy.

I hope these tips help you to encourage an active lifestyle for your family and children.

Beauty Tips You Should Always Remember

Beauty is something that comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. It something everyone owns in their own way, and everyone has a different type of beauty to show to the world. But there is some general ways you can look after yourself when it comes to how much you glow!

No matter the makeup you shop around for, no matter the techniques you love to use, there’s some tips and tricks out there you should always remember if you’re someone who loves to take care of your skin and your looks. So if you’re in the market for a couple of ideas to work with, this is the post for you. Seeing as self care often takes the form of moisturising, cleansing, and toning your skin, it could be just what you’re looking for.

  Sometimes all you need is a little advice, rather than product after product!

Sometimes all you need is a little advice, rather than product after product!

Your Hair Ends Need Conditioning

No, that’s not meant to call you out on your hair washing technique! It simply means next time you’re in the shower, prevent your hair from feeling a little greasy and overladen by only using conditioner on the ends of your hair. The roots can oil themselves up and give you a healthy glow; it’s the locks themselves that could do with a little help here.

Be Gentle with Exfoliation

A lot of people think the more hardy they rub in their exfoliator, or the more bits in it used to scrub out the dead skin, the better. However, skin is sensitive, and it needs a gentle yet firm hand to make sure it’s as healthy as possible And that means using a gentle exfoliator, and then a nice moisturizer and toner on top of that to close yourself back up again with a nice glow. Plus it’ll be a lot cheaper for you in the long run!

It’s OK to Get Work Done

If you’re someone who feels quite self conscious about a part of their body, or you’ve done a lot of work on your body with dieting and fitness and makeup techniques and you’re still not satisfied, it’s perfectly OK to look into plastic surgery. There’s a lot of stigma about nothing but natural beauty being the best in our society, but most people can’t even identify an actual no makeup look from someone who has a full face of the stuff!

So if you think a bit of cosmetic surgery could help you out, or even one botox injection between your brows, go for it. As long as you’re happy with the results, and you know all of the risks involved, it’s your informed decision to make!

Beauty is something you cultivate in your own way, but always make sure you’re treating yourself properly and that you’re totally happy with any of the finished results. Our image is a huge part of us after all, and there’s no ignoring or denying the damage unhappiness with it can do to our mental health!

Selecting the Best Pre-school for Your Child

Before your child starts school, you might look at options for pre-school. While it's not compulsory, there are various benefits to choosing a pre-school for your child. They can develop their skills, socialise with other children, and get ready for school. There are different types of pre-school available, and several things to consider if you want to find the right one. Three and four-year-olds in England get 15 hours of childcare a week, so it's worth looking into your options so that both you and your child can benefit. Here's how you can find the best choice for your child.


Ask for Recommendations

Many people will start by asking for recommendations. You might have friends and relatives who are parents and have children who are currently or have recently been attending pre-school. You might also know teachers or nursery staff who are able to make recommendations for you. This is often the best way to start your journey because you can get help from people you trust and who have some knowledge and personal experience. You might also have a medical or other professional who could help, such as a health visitor or social worker.

Check Ratings

Checking how your choices are rated is a good way of assessing how well they perform. By looking at Ofsted pre school ratings, you can see how they have been assessed by the body responsible educational regulation in England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are different authorities in charge of this. Ratings go from grades 1 to 4, with the numbers corresponding to outstanding, good, requires improvement, and inadequate. You can also take a look at a more comprehensive report online. While you won't learn everything from these ratings and assessments, they do help you to know more about your choices.

Look at Values and Activities

Of course, you will want to know what the values of the pre-school are, as well as what your child will actually be doing. The pre-school's values will inform the environment and the activities that they carry out. Some places might be informed by religious values, while others could have particular educational philosophies. For example, there are Montessori programmes. Some places focus on getting outdoors as often as possible, while others are run by community groups. Find somewhere that has values that line up with yours and what you want for your child.

Visit and Ask Questions

Conducting a visit is essential before choosing a pre-school. It will give you a chance to see what it looks like, get a good idea of what happens during a typical day, and ask important questions. While you're visiting, you can observe things carefully to see if the staff look happy and how they interact with children. Ask any questions you have, and consider writing some down before you arrive so you can get essential answers. It's best to get any concerns out of the way as soon as possible.

Find the best pre-school for your child by exploring your options and scrutinizing them carefully.

We Salute The Moms Who...

Being a mother is a wonderful, rewarding and magical vocation. We have been given the gift of life and it’s up to us to nurture and protect it and send it out into the world armed to deal with the reality of the 21st century yet retain the timeless ideals that will make this world a better place. But as wonderful a vocation as motherhood is, it’s a challenge at the best of times. Juggling the responsibilities of work and maintaining a home alongside staying in shape and maintaining good health with taking a tiny life and crafting it into a healthy happy person is no mean feat. While every Mom all around the world deserves love, respect and recognition, there are some Moms who deserve some extra special thoughts, love and prayers right now. In an era where external forces seem set to divide us more than ever, it’s important to reach out to those who labor with a smile, extending our love and gratitude to the Moms who endure all the challenges of motherhood alongside other extraordinary adversities. We salute the Moms who…


Have been separated from their children

Right now in the US we have a president who is perfectly willing to separate children from their mothers and inter them in camps for the sake of political capital. Even after an executive order has been given for the policy to be reverse and these children to be released, some 2,300 children will lay down their heads far away from the women who gave birth to them. As much as we condemn this vila act, we also extend our thoughts and prayers for these poor women. May this madness end soon and may they be reunited with their children so that they can continue to receive the love and support that only a mother can give.

Who are injured and sick

Being a mother is an inherently active calling. With so much to do and so much deserving of our attention, most Moms are like hummingbirds. Thus, when they’re afflicted by injury or illness, the inertia can be particularly damaging for them. May these Moms seek treatment to aid them on the path to a speedy and comprehensive recovery. If they have been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, hopefully they will find the support of a law office like The Rybak Firm who will fight for compensation for them. We hope and pray that they will recover and show their children and all the world just how strong and resilient a Mom can be.

Whose children are with the angels now

There are some Moms who will never see their children grow up. But they will live forever in their hearts and memories and be there at the gates of Heaven when their time comes. These brave women bear a burden that the rest of them can never comprehend and we respect and honor them for it.

Each and every Mom is special and worthy of love. If you’re still lucky enough to have yours with you, pick up the phone or drop by for a surprise visit. Tell her you love her and acknowledge her for the amazing, strong and compassionate paragon she is...

Making Ends Meet As A Single Parent

Raising a kid in this day and age is not an inexpensive proposition. At last count is cost almost  quarter of a million dollars to raise a baby to the age of 21. But in an era of wage repression where the cost of living continues to climb but your paycheck never quite rises up to meet it (all so that the big corporations that hire us can protect their profits), covering this cost is becoming an increasingly untenable prospect. Being a parent in the 21st century is extremely difficult. When you’re attempting it alone, however, it can seem all but impossible.


Make no mistake; as a single parent, the deck is stacked against you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t navigate this journey with aplomb. Here are some ways in which single parents can tip the odds back in their favor and make ends meet so that their kids can experience the quality of life they deserve...

Freelancer? Get paid what you’re worth!

If you got sick of the rat race a long time ago and decided to take your employment and your livelihood into your own hands, you may have found more success as a freelancer. But when you work for yourself, parenthood can throw a sizeable monkey wrench in the works. You can no longer afford to work long hours for poorly paying contracts just for the sake of maintaining good client relations. As the gig economy sees more and more people becoming freelancers, you may feel inclined to race competitors to the bottom to keep work coming in. But this will forever keep you on the back foot financially. Don’t be afraid to charge your clients what you’re worth.

Don’t be ashamed to claim what’s yours

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work or on the road you may have given some thought to making a claim against the negligent party that caused your injuries. It’s also possible that you talked yourself out of it. You told yourself that your injuries weren’t too severe or that you didn’t want to contribute to a compensation culture. But all this accomplishes is keeping you and your children from money to which you are entitled. You could do worse than visit if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Remember that in many cases you only have a 3 year window to make a claim.

Don’t let debt drag you down

Debt is an unpleasant but necessary reality for many households struggling to get by in a rough economy. But debt needn’t be the ruination of your household finances. Consolidating several debts into a single monthly payments with a consolidation loan can be extremely helpful as not only will you have less going out each month, you’ll find your debts much easier to manage as you’ll only have one interest rate to remember. Your credit rating will even improve as you’ll replace numerous existing debts with one new single debt. So long as you can keep up the payments, you’re in the clear.

Being a single parent is tough. You must do what you can to make it easier.

Helpful Hints For Raising A Clever Toddler


Here are some helpful hints that will guide you on your way to raising a  precociously clever toddler…

Give them a creative space

We all want to build a space for our baby that’s beautifully appointed and conducive to happiness and healthy development. We paint and decorate it beautifully, fill it with the coolest furniture for kids and ensure that it’s kept clean and tidy. But as important as this is, they should also have space to create. They should be given as much of a blank canvas as possible to let their imaginations run riot. You’ll find that your toddler can get as much edification from an empty cardboard box as an expensive iPad.

Talk, talk, talk

We all know that toddlers are like sponges, absorbing and assimilating information from all around them. Therefore, to develop their linguistic skills, you’re going to need to talk up a storm.; narrate your day and make it into a conversation with them. They’ll learn words within their proper context and give themselves an opportunity to try new words out. Ask them questions and wait for them to give you a response. The more involved they feel, the more they’ll participate and learn.

I get soooo emotional, baby!

Many parents are pretty stringent when it comes to cognitive development. This is great, but it needs to be bolstered by emotional intelligence. Kids with poor emotional intelligence tend to do less well in their studies and their interpersonal relationships. You can help them with this by modelling appropriate emotional responses. This can be easier said than done, especially after a long and stressful day. Try and control your temper when they make a mess or throw a tantrum. It’s also essential to model happiness when they do something well. Well developed emotional intelligence will make them more confident and socially adept which will aid them in school life and beyond.

It’s not always rude to point

As kids we’re often taught that pointing is rude, but when raising a toddler it can actually help them with naming people, objects and places. Pointing to a car and saying the word car will make it clear to them what the fast moving shiny thing in the road is and this assurance will also help them to articulate the word when they recognize the corresponding object.

Often all it takes is patience, consistency and a whole lotta love!

What We Can Do If Our Children Want To Do Something We Don't Approve Of


We all feel that, as parents, we do the best we can for our children, and raise them to make decisions that are for their benefit but are also sensible. And before they hit their twenties, and they are in the big wide world themselves, it's important that you have laid the fundamental groundwork. But, it's not always smooth sailing. Our children can do things that we don't agree with, but we are powerless to stop them in many ways, especially if they are hell-bent on doing it. Something like a dangerous hobby, from riding a motorbike, to shooting, are things that teenagers might want to do, or even hang out with people we think are bad for them, and if we flat out refuse their requests to do this, what can we do as parents to provide a better influence?

Monitor Them

So many children will hate you for continually monitoring them, as it shows them we don't trust them. But by keeping track of where they are at any given time, it makes things easier on your part, but it doesn't benefit the relationship you have with your child. It will only encourage them to go further under the radar.

Educate Them

Developing a set of moral values in your child is something that you have to start early on in life. It's far more difficult to try and teach them certain values when they are a teenager, and are more than likely to rebel. But when it comes to dangerous habits, all you can do is educate them about what the outcome could be. For example, if your child wanted to take up motorcycle riding and you are against this, you can point them towards many statistics of fatalities and injuries. The law offices of Randolph Rice list the common injuries associated with motorbike accidents, and if you go about it the right way, by educating them the pros and cons, you can come to a well-informed decision. After a while, if there's more evidence to support the negative rather than the positive, you've done your job.

Show You Trust Them To Make The Right Decision

And after you've given them all the information, the rest is up to them. You can't monitor them 24 hours a day, nor should you have to. Ultimately, you have to trust that they are equipped to make the right decision. It can be particularly difficult to get to this point. If you feel that your child has a lot to learn with regards to pursuing dangerous hobbies, or even hanging around with the wrong crowd, it has boiled down to you and what you've taught them, not just in recent years, but from the moment that they were born, to make the right decisions.

It can be heartbreaking as a parent when you've worked hard to leave them down a particular path, only for them to choose something that you consider to be morally wrong. Whether it is a dangerous hobby, or something more extreme, it's a fact of life that you will come into conflict with your children from time to time. It's these moments that will be the most difficult, but if you can overcome them, then your relationship with your child will be strengthened.

Create Your Designer Wardrobe On A Budget

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have names like Gucci, Prada, and Christian Louboutin in our wardrobes? We’d be able to wow all of our friends with our designer fashion pieces, and we’d feel fantastic every day when we stepped out onto the streets. It would certainly do wonders for your street cred!

There’s just one major problem when it comes to creating a stylish designer wardrobe - it can be extremely expensive! But that shouldn’t put you off trying to do it. There are a few ways you will be able to bag some designer names for very low prices. Read on to find out how it’s done!


Go For Staple Pieces

When you are trying to build up a wardrobe that is full of designer names, it is really important that you are smart when you are out shopping. That means you can’t be wasteful with your purchases and buy things that you will only likely wear once. Ideally, you need to go for staple items of clothing that won’t go out of fashion too quickly and can be worn in various situations.

Watch Your Spending On Other Things

When you are saving to buy some cool designer fashion brands, you will need to be careful with your spending elsewhere. For instance, if you overspend on your regular grocery shop then you won’t have much cash left to spend on clothes. Similarly, it’s a good idea to work on your overall financial situation. You might want to look into personal loans for people with bad credit to get things back on track. Once you’ve done that, you might find that you have a lot more spare cash to spend on designer clothes.

Browse Thrift Stores In Fancy Areas

Willing to travel to do your shopping? If so, you should head to the poshest and most affluent areas of your town or city. That’s because the thrift stores in these areas will have some really great finds. Lots of people who can afford to buy a lot of designer clothes won’t think twice about handing their second hand clothes over to charity shops and thrift stores, even if they are hardly worn. You might be pleasantly surprised with all the fantastic designer clothes you find at very reasonable prices in these thrift stores!

Shop In Between Seasons

There are two main seasons in fashion: autumn / winter and spring / summer. These are the times when all of the new clothes are brought out. Shopping in the height of these seasons can be extremely expensive, as there will be a bit demand for all of their clothes. Ideally, you should be shopping during the mid-season sales. Even though the things you buy will be ever so slightly out of fashion, you won’t be able to complain about the price tags!

So, as you can see, it can be very easy to create your very own designer wardrobe. You just need to be a bit savvy when it comes to where, what, and when you buy!