5 Fun Crafts To Try At Home With The Kids


If you’re trying to encourage your kids to spend less time looking at screens, a great way to get them involved in fun activities like arts and crafts. Not only will this get them away from their computers, consoles and phones, but it will encourage them to have a creative mind.

If you’re looking to start getting your kids involved in being, here are five fun crafts to try at home:

1. Start A Scrapbook With All Of Their Favourite Things

A great ongoing project you can start with your kids is to create a scrapbook. There are absolutely no rules for creating a scrapbook, so your child can have complete creative reign. Try encouraging them to do a little bit each day, creating pictures and designs that represent how they’re feeling or all of their favourite things. They can cut and stick things out of magazines, use stickers to add colour and go completely wild with glitter - it’s completely up to them.

2. Create Cards For Special Occasions And Holidays

There are lots of special occasions and holidays you can create cards for so this is a great opportunity to regularly get your kids interested in crafts. This can be an incredibly affordable craft to do at home, but if you want to go the extra mile and create intricate designs and cut-outs out can purchase professional equipment such as a vinyl cutting machine. For more information on how to use and vinyl cutting machine safely, you can visit www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com/.

3. Decorate Photo Frames For Showcasing Their Favourite Memories

If you love printing out photos and displaying them around the house, getting your kids to decorate their own photo frames is the perfect craft! Let them pick out some of their favourite photographs and then purchase plain wooden frames for them to go in. Before they place the photo inside they can decorate the frame in their own special way.

4. Make Jewellery And Keyrings They Can Keep

If your kids like making things that they can wear and keep for themselves, jewellery is a really fun craft for them to try out for themselves. There are lots of different materials available that will allow kids to safely make their own necklaces, bracelets and keyrings - with only a little bit of help from mum or dad if it gets too fiddly.

5. Make Coloured Kinetic Sand To Keep Them Busy For Hours

One of the latest crazes when it comes to arts and crafts is creating colourful kinetic sand that will stay in the form you build on its own. Once they have made the sand the fun doesn’t stop as it’s something that can be played with for weeks to come, providing you store it properly.

If you want to know the best way to make kinetic sand, you can visit this handy guide here.

Do you love doing crafts with your kids at home? What’s your favourite craft? Let me know in the comment section below.