Can Money Buy You Beauty?

There’s an article on Kim Kardashian in a lifestyle magazine. In it, the author notes, that the woman’s skin is radiant. They say that this effect is only possible when you are worth millions. The message here seems to be that money will make you beautiful. Is that right? With some of the possibilities on the market today, it definitely is.


Why Work Off The Fat In The Gym When You Can Freeze It?

The concept of cryogenics isn’t new however using it for beauty is a fairly fresh concept. Indeed, it’s true to say that it is also quite an attractive possibility. Rather than heading to the gym, you can take a trip to the spa, and for a price, they will freeze the fat cells in your body. Once frozen, the fat cells then become waste in the body. This causes it to naturally drop away. At least, that’s the idea, and it does seem like it is effective when you read the reviews online. But it’s also expensive. This type of treatment will cost you hundreds though to be fair, that’s also what you’ll pay if you want a personal trainer.

Many people wonder how celebrities get in shape so quickly. Is it steroids or some other secret? The answer, of course, is that they can afford to hire a trainer who motivates, controls their diet and watches every aspect of their health. When you have something like this, getting in shape isn’t a struggle at all. But it will definitely cost you.

Would You Completely Change Your Face?

People spend thousands of cosmetic surgery. Some spend hundreds of thousands. Forget what they say in magazines. Hardly anything that you see on the silver screen is natural. From pec implants to buttocks enlargements and silicone lips to botox the market is filled with possible ways to improve your ‘beauty.’ Indeed, many people get so obsessed with this idea that they end up needing loans to pay off debt. However, that doesn’t change the fact that if you have the money, you can completely alter your appearance. A new nose, higher cheekbones, a smaller chin, it can all be yours.

Will It Make You Happy?

Psychology says no. If you are truly unhappy with the way, you look. If you feel ugly, fat or unattractive, then these fixes won’t be the answer. There will be a deeper cause of your lack of self-worth before you consider making any physical changes.

Altering your diet and changing your fitness levels, on the other hand, can help you see a difference. But it’s not because of what you’ll see when you look in the mirror. It’s the impact that eating good food and working out will have on your body and indeed your mind. There are no quick routes to the levels of happiness this can bring you.

So, while beauty may be purchased with money, fortunately, the happiness you assume you would come with it, is available for free through other means. All you need to do is take the right steps.