Do You Have To Breakout? Hell No!

Skin, what a bummer right? It’s the largest organ on the body and it’s also the most sensitive. One small change in diet or the weather and acne will break out like a felon from jail. And, because skin covers you from head to toe, it’s impossible to miss. Sometimes, it feels as if the results are visible from the International Space Station. On days like that, it takes real courage and bravery to step outside. Has anyone got a religious headdress I can borrow, please?!

Breakouts are the norm for women. In a society where looks are everything, it’s essential to keep up appearances. The result is that the chemicals from the makeup clog the pores and cause redness and swelling. In many ways, acne is unavoidable. What are you going to do, not put on makeup? Yeah, thanks for that amazing piece of advice!

In a catch-22 situation, women need a middle ground, a place where they can be safe. Skin-wise, you’ll be happy to hear that such a haven does exist. To find it, take a glance at tips underneath. They’ll act as your map to the Promised Land.

Pour On The Screen

The odds are that you’re sick and tired of hearing another basic tip such as wear plenty of sunscreen. Yes, people from bloggers to skin experts bang on about this hack and it gets annoying after a while. In fact, so much so that it makes you feel as if you want to rebel to teach them a lesson. Take that, random people off of the internet!

Of course, the only thing which suffers is your skin. According to the pros, almost 80% of wrinkles and lines are caused by sun exposure. Although this doesn’t directly lead to acne, it does break down the cells and make them weaker. As a result, sun-kissed skin is more susceptible to dirt and grime.

Wear lotion now and in the winter, when UV rays are still quite strong. You may not be able to feel them, but they are there, soaking into your skin.

Clean Your Brushes

You can be forgiven for thinking that this one is aimed at artists and not everyday women. However, women have as many brushes as painters. Let’s face it – we all want a smooth, even texture to our skin. Cleaning is a big deal when it comes to the face. The last thing most women do before bed is to wipe away the excess grime with a wet-wipe. The tools of the trade, however, are left alone to rot.

What’s worse about this is that you’ll use the same utensils in the morning to apply makeup. Firstly, urgh! Secondly, the bacteria you want to get off of your face are still on the brushes. So, reapplying only leads to covering your face in dirt. And, acne is a by-product.

The key is to wash them after every use to avoid contamination. Also, throw away used cotton buds and baby wipes or anything which is covered in muck.

Consider Prescription Medicines

If you need a gel or a lotion or a moisturizer these days, you’ll go to the drug store. Over-the-counter products are perfect for everyday needs, like sunburn or a migraine. There’s no point in calling the doctor and bothering him or her. Just take a trip down to the store and self-medicate.

The dangers of self-medicating aside, buying items over-the-counter isn’t always the best choice. Why? It’s because they aren’t strong enough to deal with some skin issues. Yes, a tube of cream may reduce inflammation for now, yet it’s only a short-term fix. The long-term solutions are in the doctor’s medicine cabinet, and they can hand them out to patients. Steroids are excellent illustrations of prescriptions at work. They kill the bacteria in their tracks and prevent them from breaking out.

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery can be effective too. Botox is synonymous with wrinkles and aging, yet it’s brilliant at killing oil production. Greasy skin breaks out in pimples, so a jab or two to the head can work wonders. Always consider the drawbacks before doing something drastic, and consult a physician first.


Go Vegan

Those animal-loving, social justice warriors are nuts. Everyone has seen them pouring into restaurants and calling people murderers. We all like animals, but that’s a bit over-the-top. Granted, some of their measures are an acquired taste. But, you don’t have to get on board with the message, only the impacts.

Did you know that dairy products encourage oil production in the skin? It’s true; they contain cow hormones which trigger the process. Even organic dairy products aren’t exempt. Unfortunately, beauty items aren’t all vegan and they include lots of these hormones. Thus, you’re increasing the likelihood of breaking out every time you wear makeup. If this is daily, then there is an issue.

Check the back of the box or the bottle for ingredients. In fact, vegan products will proudly display the point they don’t use elements from animals. On a separate note, you can try and embrace veganism in everyday life. For example, swap traditional milk for the soy variety. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

Shrink The Pores

They’re that small they are hard to spot with the naked eye. Still, enlarged pores are the main cause of acne. Once the dirt and grime get in there, they swell up and look as if someone is shining a laser on your face. They do say the little things make the biggest difference.

Clearly, the goal is to shrink them back down to size, and for that, you’ll need an exfoliate. Exfoliates get deep into the cells and remove all the things which clog up the skin. Should there be any protein, keratin, oil or dead cells, they’ll be gone in a flash. The ones you find in stores are fine, but a mixture of salicylic and glycolic acid works the best. Throw in microdermabrasion and they’ll be invisible once more.

Do you think breakouts are inevitable now? Hopefully, the answer is an emphatic no.