How To Get A Selfie Perfect Smile

With selfies being an everyday occurrence, we all know how daunting it can be when you don’t look too good on them. We all want to look our best in photos and don’t want anyone to see them if we are looking a bit grim. Follow these few tips and you will have the perfect smile for your selfie.


Teeth and Gums

The number one thing to make your smile look good, no matter what it is for, is good teeth and gums.  Not all of are born with perfectly aligned teeth, but generally, there is nothing so bad that a brace from SureSmile will not correct it. Your teeth will not only look better for using the brace but also they will be easier to clean, and that is the next most important thing. Your teeth might not naturally be a brilliant white, but that does not matter as long as when you smile they are clean.

Use Lipstick

Some shades of lipstick will enhance the colour of your teeth making them appear whiter and brighter. Colours such as cherry red, plum, wine, berry or rosy pink will all have this effect, while paler colours will make your teeth look more dingy and yellow.

Look After Your Lips

Don’t forget that your lips are part of your smile as well, so they need looking after.  If they are dry and chapped use a lip balm too moisten them and exfoliate them with a lip scrub like Burt’s Bees, or toothbrush. If your lips feel dry drink water, but avoid licking them afterwards.

Practice Smiling

Smiling is an art form that can take lots of practice. Ask any model and they will tell you how they have stood in front of a mirror for hours to find the perfect smile for them. Practice till you get it right and then when you need to show the perfect smile it will come naturally.

Find a mirror and relax your face muscles before you start to smile. You will be amazed at the difference between a relaxed and a tense smile.

Be Natural

A fake smile stands out a mile. A gentle natural smile looks much better as well as making the rest of your facial features look more relaxed, particularly around your eyes. A genuine smile is always the best.

Avoid A Double Chin

We all hate photos that make us look as though we have a double chin, but often it is just down to the way you are holding your head. Don’t slouch and turn your head slightly and the photo will be much more flattering.

A Good Smile Will Boost Your Confidence

You do not need film star looks to have a good smile. When you see your new smile on the next selfie you will feel so much better about the photo and that will help to boost your confidence. Give these tips a try before you take your next selfie, you may be surprised at the difference they make.